Custom Locket (Email prior to ordering)

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Personalize your very own Illusionist Heart Locket with a variety of options to include but not limited to:

-Custom size (larger or smaller locket)
-Custom exterior etch
-Interior picture
-Custom interior name or phrase etch
-Ability to request a specific wood not normally offered

Please, email us prior to placing a custom order.

-Finished with Teak oil and lacquer for long lasting detail and shine
-Natural wood finish, no stain is used
-Each locket is handmade; the wood selected personally
-Tiny rare earth magnets used to self-align and lock the pendant
-Aluminum mechanism hidden within turns the locket
-Height- 1.8in Width- .75in Thickness- .37in

Will ship as soon as payment is confirmed. 2-3 days First Class mail

Larger picture size can accommodate for picture with up to two loved ones

Each Locket comes with a 2 year guarantee shipping included! We want you to be happy with your unique locket and enjoy showing it off for years to come.

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