• Pictures inside the locket? - Yes, any picture can be cut and glued inside the locket. If you would like us to insert the picture for you please message us or add a note on your order.
  • How long to receive the locket? - 2-3 days to ship, 4-5 days for custom orders depending on how intricate the design is. Please email us to discuss any ideas you may have.
  • Can I place a custom order? - Yes, email us with your ideas and we will gladly discuss them and quote you.
  • Do you ship internationally? - Yes, shipping is 7-10 days. Please note, cost of shipping will be subject to current USPS rates.
  • What if the locket breaks? - We offer free repairs with return shipping included. Please email us with pictures of the locket and we can send you a pre-paid shipping label.
  • Are the lockets waterproof? - It won't harm it unless submerged for a prolonged time. Please understand each wood has different characteristics and will react differently with water. 
  • Do you include a necklace? - A necklace can be added to your order but is shipped separately so make take an additional few days to arrive.  
  • How can I get a name etched inside? - Add a note to your order (max 20 characters). If you want a picture etched or a more intricate etching, please email us. We would love to create a design that makes your locket unique.
  • What type of metal is used for the bail? - Sterling silver is used for all bails in the locket.