Illusionist Locket- Butterfly/Flower (Walnut)

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Illusionist Locket made from Walnut Wood (butterfly/Flower)

Hand Made from local Walnut Wood
Finished with Teak oil and Lacquer for long lasting detail and shine
Natural wood finish, No stain is used
Each locket is handmade the wood selected personally
6 tiny rare earth magnets are used to self align and lock the Pendant
Aluminum Mechanism hidden within wood turns the locket
Will ship as soon as payment is confirmed. 2-3 days First class mail
Height- 1.8in Width- .75in Thickness- .37in
Larger picture size can accommodate for picture with two people
Simply cut the picture of you and your loved one into the heart shape then cut again down the middle.

Each Locket comes with a 2 year guarantee shipping included! I want you, as my customer to be happy with your unique Locket and enjoy showing it off for years to come.